We have only original and high-quality steroids
Our procurement system is entirely “white” in nature. We DO NOT participate in any “gray” and even more so “black” schemes for the purchase of counterfeit goods seized by customs, we do not purchase goods through the services of a dozen unscrupulous intermediaries, and so on, which is typical for many other pharmacy sellers in Australia …
All products presented in our catalog were purchased through system purchases from licensed distributors and official suppliers who receive it directly from manufacturers. In other words, we can guarantee, and you can be sure that the “product” purchased from us goes to you almost directly “from the conveyor” and has an expiration date “with a margin”.
And if you want a 100 + 1% guarantee of the authenticity of the purchased product, then you almost always have the opportunity to verify the security codes that are on the packaging of steroids and other drugs with databases on the official websites of various manufacturers.

Maximum Anonymity and Confidentiality

When placing orders through our store, you can be completely calm about keeping your personal data secret. The data entered at checkout is processed by a special encryption protocol, according to a principle similar to how the well-known Telegram messenger does it. Therefore, even if they get to third parties, it will be impossible to consider them.
Moreover, in the future, this data is stored only for a short time, in reliable data centers, on servers of foreign hosting, which are outside the legislative jurisdiction of Australia. Do not doubt that no one will know what and when you bought from us, unless you yourself tell them about it!

Any delivery options

We believe that order delivery should mainly be convenient for the client, and only then for the seller. In our store any types of traditional delivery are available for you: mail, courier. Read more in the section “Payment and delivery”.

No “minimums”

We have no minimum order amounts. Choose what you want, how much you want and when you want!

Customer Responsibility

We do not set ourselves the task of “vparivat” the goods at any cost, but strive to ensure that each of our customers becomes regular, returns to us again, and we do not want the use of steroids to turn into health problems for you!
Providing such “easy” access to anabolic steroids and other sports pharmacology, we cannot simply ignore the degree of responsibility that rests with us … Therefore, in order to ensure that the use of steroids is only for your benefit, and not to the detriment – We have made special instructions regarding the safe use of certain drugs. Links to them are present in the description of each drug, and you can always familiarize yourself with them. You can also consult with us.